Creating GPX files to use on the Map Designer

So you want to make a map. Maybe for a ride you did a long time ago, or your Garmin/Wahoo failed... Or perhaps even for someone else. 

No problem. All we need to do is create a GPX file, which we can then upload. That GPX file give us the line for the map.

We have a few options for you.

Probably the best place to start. Even if you don't have an account its free to signup and you can create some cycling specific routes. Once you've saved the route you can then download it as a GPX and upload that.

This is one of my favourite tools but it has some limitations. On a free account you can only add 100 markers. For most rides not a problem but if you are recreating a Land's End to John o Groats it might not work out.

Everyone knows how to use Google Maps to create directions. Now you can download that route as a GPX file and upload it into our tool. 


If you have any questions or problems contact me know and I will happily help out!