Best Christmas Gifts for Cyclists Who Have Everything

Best Christmas Gifts for Cyclists Who Have Everything

I very much fall into the category of a "cyclist who has everything" and have noticed a pattern the cycling gifts I receive each year. When I first started out I was almost guaranteed to receive a whole bunch of random cycling gifts. Gloves, bottles (bidons), socks... that sort of thing.  But now I've been a regular cyclist for a few years (15 or so )people have given up getting me cycling things. I presume they think I must have everything I need. Wrong! I love opening cycling gifts on Christmas morning and am happy to get something new and unique. Find below a few things I wouldn't mind receiving this year :)  

Retro Bicycle Bell - Gift for cyclist who has everything

Something about this little bell just makes me want it. It looks quite well engineered and I am pretty sure I could stick it on most of my bikes, well maybe not my race bike, but you know what I mean. 
Retro Bicycle Bell – £14 on Amazon


Christmas gifts for cyclists who have everything

So if your cyclist is into coffee, or tea, or any other hot drink... Then you are probably going to be interested in these mugs. Taking inspiration from cycling teams from the 60s these mugs bring a vintage velo feel to the cyclists morning routine. 
Retro Cycling Mugs by English Cyclist – £40



Espresso maker for cyclist who has everythingTechnically I have no real need for this. But I love coffee (as do other cyclists as far as I can tell) and this would look pretty smart in my kitchen. When I have other MAMILs around I could pour a few espresso's and be proud of the kitchenware. 
Bialetti Venus Induction Espresso Maker – £25 on Amazon


If your cyclist is watching a lot of cycling on TV then there is a 99% chance they are watching either the Giro d'Italia, the Tour of France or La Vuelta. Or all 3. These posters 
World Tour 2019 Stage Profiles – From £40



Lomo bag – Gift for cyclist who has everything

Anyone who knows me will tell you love things that are orange. I also love things that are of solid construction, waterproof, made in England. Being made in Scotland this fulfils most of my criteria. Great for hauling stuff about and IMO looks pretty awesome. 
Lomo Bag – £36 on Amazon




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