Downloading GPX files from Strava

Downloading GPX files from Strava

Last update: 10th March 2022

So you want to make a map poster with our tool, you have a ride in Strava. Plus either you don't have access (maybe you are viewing a friends ride) or the ride isn't loading in our Strava integration...

1. Downloading from your account

If you have an account with Strava you can login (on desktop) and find a 'GPX' button over the map of the activity. Click that, get the GPX file, and upload that. from Rob Millington on Vimeo.


2. Downloading someone else's ride

First you need to create a Strava account. Then you need to go to the activity and hopefully you can see a GPX button over the map.

If you can't see the button you need to use Google Chrome, on a desktop, and install the Strava GPX Downloader extension. If you have Firefox then you could try this extension. I've not personally tried that one though. You should now see a GPX button over the map which will let you download the file, which you can then upload into our tool.

If you have any questions of problems get in touch with me. More than happy to grab the files for you if you can't figure it out.

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