Map story #3 – Dave and the Mega Alpine Loop

Map story #3 – Dave and the Mega Alpine Loop

The maps we produce are minimal by design, it's how I like it, but being a cyclist I want to know about the journey. I know under those lines some epic tales must of unfolded. So here is our second map story article with with Ben. 

So let’s start at the beginning. What’s your name and where are you from?

Dave Pegler, from the foot of the South Downs, West Sussex, UK

How did you get into cycling and how long have you been turning cranks?

I started riding shortly after I could walk… I grew up in a small village and my parents didn’t drive. Cycle camping was what holidays were, cycling was transport and freedom. I’ve raced MTB, had various trips touring in Africa, ridden (full sportif versions) the Monuments and ridden extensively in the Alps. Out for the day or bikepacking… it’s all good.

How many bikes have you got and what's your favourite?

A few…. My favourite is the one I’m riding. My oldest is my Roberts MTB from the late 80’s

Let’s talk about the maps. What’s the story? 

I’d previously conceived and ridden my “Grande Boucle des Ecrins” in 2015 which I’d ridden with friends Wout and Jerry Gore raising some funds and awareness for @Action4Diabetes. This was supported and 340km / 10,000m ascent. In 2017 I wanted to explore the Lombardia, increase the challenge and go solo & self supported….. The “Mega Alpine Loop” was born.
My 2003 Klein Aura XV was faultless as ever, though sadly is now hanging broken in my shed after a 93 year old motorist ran into it (and me) almost 3 years ago resulting in 6 months unable to cycle & over 2 years off work.

Where can we go to find out more about the Mega Alpine Loop?

VeloFest Map Print

his experience of the area from running his Alpine Velofest trips in that area of the Alps was crucial in his mental planning. Find out more on his facebook page. Go give it a like and put it on your list for next year!

"Excellent cycling, brilliant food and great company. Beautiful place with stunning scenery and so much to explore. Thank you for a fantastic week Alpine VeloFest. Highly recommend this cycling holiday 🚴‍♀️"

Reflections from Rob

Not sure I'll ever be able to manage 367km, 10,000m of ascent, in 24h... But if I fancy the challenge I know where to go! 

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