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Strava Art Posters

How to make your own strava art poster

Strava art is created using Strava, turning an epic ride into a piece of fun and beautiful piece of art. This process requires a lot of pre-planning to find the best route. We would recommend spending some time before officially starting your Strava art to check whether the intended route is viable. This includes checking for deadends, one way roads or other potential blockers that could disrupt your progress.

Follow our guide to begin your Strava art journey:
  • 1. Plan Your Route

    We would recommend starting with a simple design or something small. Take inspiration from the routes available to you. 
  • 2. Create Your Strava Art

    The next step is to start your journey, try to keep your route as smooth as possible and remember to save your ride!
  • 3. Make A Poster

    Follow our step by step guide below to turn your Strava art into a poster to display in your home or gift to a friend.

How to turn your Strava art ride into a poster

Our Strava art posters are great if you've created a beautiful or fun piece of art and you want to display it in your home. Follow our step by step guide to start the process:
  • 1. Find Your Ride

    Connect to Strava to find the ride you want to turn into a Strava art poster. If you can't find it try saving a GPX file from Strava and using that instead.
  • 2. Edit Your Poster

    Use the map builder to create the Strava art poster you want. You can select the size, colour, add and remove text.
  • 3. Review And Sign-Off

    Once your Starva art poster is finished, you will be able to review it. You will then be required to tick a checkbox to confirm you are happy for the finished result to be printed. We will also get in touch with you if we spot anything during our internal review process.
How does it work?
We also have a helpful video available to help you start your Strava art poster journey:

Why Choose Us For Your Strava Art Posters?

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  • Personalised

    This is the ultimate opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a personalised fun poster for yourself or a friend. 
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    We take care in creating high quality cycling prints that guarantee longevity. 

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    We create the cleanest cycling print aesthetic to suit your modern style, sure to become a talking point when guests visit. 
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    The English Cyclist has many 5 star reviews reflecting our highest quality cycling prints.
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    Our international orders arrive within an average of 5-8 working days, with reduced carbon emissions due to the shortened shipping distance.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    We plant 1 tree for each order we receive and as a business we are committed to offsetting 110% of our annual carbon emissions.

Our Strava Art Poster Reviews

If we didn’t manage to convince you, check out our myriad of 5 star reviews from our valued customers:
A repeat order for a map print for other riders that had taken part in a 500 mile trip was fulfilled quickly and well, just like the original order and previous orders that I have made.

Robert Giles

Excellent service, again!

Received the pictures promptly in the post. Absolutely delighted with them. They are now proudly displayed on my wall. Excellent service all round!

Stuart Paterson


3rd map I've ordered for my husband. Reminders of trips and rides. He loves them. On the wall, next to the Wattbike - inspiration !

Katrina Clark

3rd time buyer

Really great quality and a memory to remember liked it so much I recommended it to friends.

Mark Biggs

Strava custom ride map

I ordered an A3 print as a gift for a friend. I’m not really tech savvy but Rob was a great help and his customer service was impeccable.

Lee Coleman

Excellent Service!

Purchased a personalised gpx print of a marathon I completed with my husband in memory of my father. It looks stunning now framed on the wall. Thanks so much thoroughly recommend

Abigail Phillips

Fabulous way to remember a special event


How Long Will My Strava Art Poster Take to Arrive?

In Europe and North America our posters arrive in around 5-7 days on average. We can offer faster shipping options so just get in touch if you want it sooner. For more information on our shipping options explore the shipping page.

What files do I need to make a map?

Our map design tool can link to your Strava account and get rides straight from there... or you can upload GPX files to create your map.
You can get GPX files from various devices such as Garmin and Garmin Connect, Komoot, etc. If you need some help get in touch! 

How do I create a map for someone else?

Most cyclists have an account with Strava and this is the best place to get their ride GPX files.

If you don't have direct access to their Strava account then there is a way to find their ride and get the files to create a map.  Read our blog post on that.

What is a GPX file?

A GPX file is simply a text file with geographic information such as waypoints, tracks, and routes saved in it.
Many cyclists record their rides via their phones, or devices like a Garmin or Wahoo. 9 times out of 10 those devices upload the activity to Strava or other websites where cyclists can review how fast, or slow, they are. From these websites we tend to be able to download a 'GPX' file. 

Can I get some help with the map designer?

We have a short video here that shows you the tool.

I also offer a 'done for you' service where I do the work for you.  Downloading the files and making the map to your specification. Find out about that here.

Can I save it for later or send to a friend?

If you copy and paste the URL you can come back to your design later.  If you share the link with a friend, be aware that they can make changes to the map too!

Can I create a print for a multi-day ride?

Yes you can! Just keep adding rides via the Strava interface or upload them all as GPXs. The tool will put them in the order you upload them (so you may need to re-order them if you want the profiles to be correctly arranged.

I can't find my ride on Strava

The Strava website only allows us to see so many rides from their database. If you can't find the ride(s) you are looking for the best thing to do is upload the GPX from the ride. If you need some help getting the file see earlier answers.

Create Your Strava Art Poster

At The English Cyclist, we are passionate cyclists who love to celebrate epic rides. This is why we create high quality posters so you can showcase your amazing Strava art. 



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