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If you have arrived from a Facebook or Instagram Advert please open the map builder in your devices built-in browser (or move to a desktop)

Epic Cycling Map Prints

Your epic ride visualised as a custom cycling map print. If you've completed a tough ride, sportive or an epic multi-day trip then get some evidence in the pain cave.

From £35
From £35

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Want some inspiration? Checkout some of the prints we've created for other cyclists.

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Epic Cycling Map Prints Mobile,

How does it work

1. Find your ride

Upload a GPX or connect to Strava and find your ride. For multi-day epics can add multiple rides to a single map.

2. Edit your poster

Use the map builder to build your poster just how you want it. You can select the size, colour, add and remove text. 

3. Review and sign-off

After you have finished we will send you a larger preview on email to sign-off. Once we get your thumbs up we print and ship.

How long will it take to arrive?

We manually check each order submitted but we do this within 1 working day - if we spot any problems we will let you know otherwise we then print it and ship it out. For more information on our shipping options checkout the shipping page.

Can I get some help with the editor?

If you are struggling with the design of your print let us know and we can help guide you through. Use the chat window or email us some screenshots so we can see whats going on. 

How do I get the GPX or Strava link?

If you are struggling with Strava get the Google Chrome extension 'If you are struggling with Strava get the Google Chrome extension Strava GPX Downloader and download the GPX file (and then upload that). 
' and download the GPX file (and then upload that). 

Can I save it for later or send to a friend?

If you copy and paste the URL you can come back to your design later. 

I can't find my ride on Strava

The Strava website only allows us to download so many rides from them. If you can't find the one you are looking for the best thing to do is upload the GPX from the ride.

Can I create a print for a multi-day ride?

Yep. Just keep adding them via the Strava interface or upload them all as GPXs. The tool will put them in the order you upload them (re-order them if you want the profiles to be correctly arranged).

I want to change or add some details

If you placed your order and want to change some details just drop us an email (quite quickly otherwise we will have already printed it) and we can help sort it out.

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