Perfect Gift Ideas for English Cyclists

Perfect Gift Ideas for English Cyclists

Find below a range of cycling gifts that I can recommend from personal experience. They are sure to make excellent gifts for your sweaty, lycra clad cycling geek. As a bonafide cycling geek myself I spend a lot of my time scanning the internet for interesting stuff. I have about 10 books on the go at any one time and use my ‘business’ as an excuse to test and try new things. Whether you are after a great gadget or something to tart up a Man Shed, we have something for you.

Cycling Art Prints and Posters

I would recommend these as they are my speciality but they do make great gifts! If you have a cycling fanatic to buy a gift for then these make a great and different gift. As a cyclist myself I have stacks of certain things that I always get every year. Gloves, energy gels and bottles (or bidons) etc.

Tour de France Print – Winners Jerseys

My top selling poster for cycling geeks is this Tour de France poster and it has a load of great reviews! It displays all the winner's jerseys from 1903 to 2018 and would bring a smile to any keen cyclist interested in the Tour.

Tour de France Poster by English Cyclist

Check it out here

Tour de France – Word Search

For the more design savvy cyclist, who has a penchant for the minimal, I have created a range of graphic and typographic posters. My favourite is the Word Search poster. I made it and I still can’t find all the names! It even comes with a nice yellow pen. Nice.

Tour de France Winners Word Search by English Cyclist

Check it out here


Put Me Back on My Bike – £9

If you are looking for something unusual this book about Tom Simpson is great. Without exception, today's pro cyclists are mostly dull corporate mouthpieces. Tom Simpson was very very different.

English Cyclist Gift - Tom Simpson Book

His dramatic death dominates any story about Tom Simpson as he succumbed to cardiac failure on the slopes of Mont Ventoux during the 1967 Tour de France. They found amphetamine in his bloodstream. But this isn't the story at all. Tom Simpson was a talent and a larger than life character. His story is one every English cyclist should read, even if they're not very much interested in the racing.

Check it on Amazon now

Ride the Revolution: The Inside Stories from Women in Cycling – £18

Womens Cycling Gift - Ride the Revolution Book

A great book for serious cyclists who want to read about pro cycling from a women's perspective. The book features great stories from Emma O'Reilly, the soigneur for the U.S. Postal Service Team (one of the people responsible for bringing Lance Armstrong down); Michelle Cound, partner (and managed) of Tour de France winner Chris Froome; and Jen See, who interviews the legend Marianne Vos; and many others... These strong voices look at the sport from a new perspective and provide insights that rarely make it into the mainstream.

Get it on Amazon today (well tomorrow if you have Prime)

Mountain High: Europe's 50 Greatest Cycle Climbs – £18

Cycling Gift - Mountain High Book

This is one of those books that is beautiful to look at and looks great on the coffee table (does anyone actually do that!?) yet inspires you to get out there and start planning a trip. Although not based in the UK every serious cyclist, be that for road riding or mountain biking, has to take a visit to the continent to explore the magnificent climbs and descents of the Alps. This book covers in detail Europe's 50 greatest climbs, including details on the actual routes (with maps and profile), length, height, and compelling descriptions focussing on all the main points of interest along the route. The book is stuffed with practical information and advice on each climb along with some superb descriptions of the amazing scenery. 

Find it on Amazon

Bike Tech

If you have some sterling to spend and want to get something really special these gifts should tick all the boxes. I have never received such a gift as these but would dearly love to be the recipient. I am sure it won’t have escaped your notice but cyclists are just a bit geeky. They generally love stats, tools and toys. The rise of Strava says volumes about the cyclist's mind.

Wahoo Element Bolt – £200’ish

Cycling Gift - Wahoo Element Bolt

If you are not sure if your cyclist already has something like this then go check out their bike. If on the handlebar or stem they have a little circular mount they probably already have one. If not they need one! So what's so great about the Wahoo? You can plan routes, with some accuracy, on the fly. Garmin is still playing catchup here. I also really like the mono-tone screen as it's easier to read when the sun comes out.

Read the reviews on Amazon

Cateye Volt 800 – £60

Cyclist Gift - Cateye Volt 800

The Volt 800 is my go-to commuting light. It's bright. Really bright! But what I love most is the pulsing mode that combines both being constantly ‘on’ and flashing/pulsing. It's perfect as car drives get both the attention-grabbing flash - but also the constant light in-case they turn their head quickly too. I have a load of other lights that can do either flashing or on - not both. I am certain other brands of lights can do this now too but hey ho. If you are worried about your commuter then get them this. They even do a 1000+ lumens version. Nice.

Explore the options on Amazon

Crank Brothers Multi-Tool – £25

Cycling Gift UK - Crank Bros Multi-Tool

A cyclist can never have too many tools (or bikes for that matter). Tools are small and are always getting misplaced or lost! My favourite is the Crank Bro's Multi-tool. It's simple and well designed but has just about all the bits and bobs I need to heal my bike when out and about. Yes you can get cheaper multi-tools but these ones just feel better!

Get one from Amazon today (well tomorrow)

Retro Cycling Mugs

Retro Inspired Cycling Mug Set – £45

If your cyclist enjoys a post or pre-ride tea or coffee then our range of mugs might not be a bad shout. The designs celebrate some of the most iconic team cycling jerseys ever produced.

English Cyclist Mug Gift - Retro Inspired

This pack of 4 mugs features the classic colours and design of some iconic trade team jerseys from the mid-century; 1962 Saint Raphaël Helyett Hutchinson, 1973 Molteni Arcore, 1966 Ford France Hutchinson and the 1969 Faema.

Check them out

The English Cyclist Gift Voucher

Cycling Gift Voucher - English Cyclist

Not sure exactly what to get? Perhaps your cyclist is a bit picky. Maybe you don’t know if they are a Tour de France geek or a Giro fanatic. In that case, we offer gift vouchers that can be used to buy any of our English Cyclist products. They can be either delivered in the post or if you are in a rush digitally. Our vouchers come in a range of denominations that fit out various product.

Explore our gift voucher options here

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