Reduce GPX Filesize

Reduce GPX Filesize

Last update: 10th March 2022

So our tool can only upload files up to 10mb (each). GPX files record lots of data we don't need to make our map prints. Power meter data, temperature, heart rate, cadence etc etc. Read below our guide on how to reduce file size of GPX

1. Compress files with Simple GPX

I've had the best output from this website as you can both strip all the bits out you don't need and also reduce the accuracy of the file. If you have a long ride (eg. Lands end to John o Groats) you don't need high accuracy.

2. GPX Studio is another good option

Similar to Simple GPX you upload your GPX file then decide which bits n bobs you want to be part of the file. For our design tool we just need the 'Surface' which is the main track.

Any questions reach out and I'll do what I can to help out.

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