Reduce GPX Filesize

Reduce GPX Filesize

Last update: 7th January 2023

Our map design tool can only upload files up to 10mb (each). GPX files record lots of data we don't need to make our map prints. Power data, temperature, heart rate, cadence etc etc. 

At the moment GPX Studio is the best option for reducing the file sizes of GPX files

We've recorded a video here to show you how it's done. Once you've uploaded your file (just wait - the site doesn't have a loading bar so its not that obvious) click the button in menu on left that looks like 2 arrows pointing towards each other. Adjust the scale slider to around 2-3000 and click OK. Then export and deselect anything thats not useful (keep the Time setting though).

You can also upload multiple files and batch fix them which saves a lot of time if you have really long adventure to sort out! 

Any questions reach out and I'll do what I can to help out.

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If you've completed a tough ride, sportive or epic multi-day trip then get some evidence in on your wall. Connect to Strava, or upload GPX files, and use our tool to create your personalised cycling prints. 

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