Best British Cycling Brands

Updated: 22nd April 2022

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Find below a curated list of our favourite brands and projects from around the isles of Great Britain. It's pretty amazing how many awesome cycling brands we have in the UK. 

British Bikes Brands 

  • Brompton – The original folding bike
  • Boardman – Great value & designed for Britain
  • Bowman – Premium aluminium race bikes
  • Cotic – Steel MTB & adventure bikes from the Peak District
  • Dassi - Custom fit carbon bikes from Hampshire
  • Dolan – Road, track and cyclocross bikes
  • Enigma Bikes – High-performance titanium bikes
  • Factor Bikes – Innovation, speed and performance from Norfolk
  • Field Cycles – Custom made steel bikes from Yorkshire
  • Forme Bikes – Wide range of performance bikes from the Peak District
  • Genesis Bikes – Adventure, Road and Mountain Bikes from England
  • Mason – Premium aluminium adventures bikes
  • Moulton Bikes – Beautiful small wheeled bicycles hand built in England
  • Pashley – England's longest established cycle manufacturer
  • Shand Cycles – Sweet steel bikes from Scotland
  • Sondor – Mountain, road, adventure travel bikes 
  • Orange Bikes – UK manufacturer of high performance bikes
  • Orro Bikes – Designed and assembled in Sussex
  • Ribble Bikes – Versatile good value bikes
  • Rourke – Handbuilt custom bikes & frames
  • Starling Bikes – Full sus bikes handmade in Bristol
  • Woodrup Cycles – Bespoke steel bikes
  • Whyte - Great British Bikes 
  • Velomont - Hand made carbon fibre e-mountain bikes (eMTBs) from Norfolk 

British Clothing Brands 

  • Carradice - Premium saddlebags, panniers and handlebar bags
  • Dashel – Cool cycling helmets
  • FINDRA – Merino wool performance clothing
  • ForceGB – Cycling clothes produced in the UK
  • Reynolds England – Vintage styled SPD brogues
  • Shutt Velo Rapide – Cycle clothing tailored for the road
  • Trakke – Canvas rucksacks & messenger bags
  • Velobici – Cycling clothes 100% designed and manufactured in England
  • Vulpine – Urban cycling clothes

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Sportives and Enduros

Events (Not Sportives)

Holiday & Insurance Companies

Tech & Accessories Brands

  • Burgtech – Downhill & Enduro Bike Bits
  • Brooks Saddles – Comfortable and long lasting bike saddles
  • Chater-Lea – Beautiful Premium Pedals
  • Exposure Lights – Awesome lights made in the UK
  • Hope Technology – Nice Bike Components
  • KAPZ – Custom headset caps
  • LITELOK – Premium Lightweight Locks made in Britain
  • Royce – British engineered bike porn 
  • Veloskin – The best chamois cream.. and its made in Great Britain

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