Best Gifts for Tour de France Fans

So you are looking for a gift for a Tour de France fan? Being a little obsessive about Le Grande Boucle myself hopefully, I can provide a few starting points!

We will start with some cheaper stocking filler stuff and work our way up to some epics!

Dee Plus Socks in Yellow – £10.99

Although not specifically Tour de France branded the yellow is a clear not to it. Any Tour Fan would love to receive these as a gift. I know because I got some and I wear them all the time (not just for cycling!)

Dee Feet Yellow Sock – Gift for Tour Fan

The Yellow Jersey Hardcover Book – £16

This quote from Amazon sums the book of beautifully: “The first thing you notice about this book is its cover - a lovely padded soft jacket with a simple design of the first yellow jersey on the left and a more modern counterpart on the right. The design is clever and effective, and this is something that carries on throughout the book - the graphic design, photo selection and layout really makes this book a joy to leaf through.”

Enough said. Its a beautiful book in its own right. But it also tells a nice story of the evolution of the Tour and the yellow jersey. 

Yellow Jersey Book – Gift for Tour de France Fan

Tour de France Jerseys Posters – £25+

These are my own creation and are the culmination of many hours of research and illustration. They sum up the Tour from various aspects, be that the teams or the routes.

Eurosport Subscription – £39.99

Yes you can watch the highlights but to really get the full experience you want to get signed up for Eurosport. They show each and every race end to-end. You just need to arrange a month off work to watch it all now - or sneak it onto a second screen at work!

Bonus tip: If you have British Cycling membership as you can get 20% off too!

Look Keo Blade Carbon TDF Road Pedals – £94.99

Designed to win, the V4 Keo Blade Carbon are amazing pedals - I know as I have a pair! This Tour de France version includes some subtle tour branding which, IMO, is spot-on as they are not OTT! 

Look Keo Pedals – Gift for Tour de France Fan

Watch The Race Finish in Paris – £250+

If you can then this has to be on the top of the list of any Tour de France fan. Watching the riders roll around the Champs-Elysées while enjoying a drink or two has to be one of the ultimate experiences.

Champs Elysees Paris – Gift for Tour de France Fan

Tissot Official Tour de France Watch – £415

If you deeper pockets or are looking for something really special then this watch by Tissot, the official Tour de France timing specialists, is going to be a good place to start.

Tissot Watch - Gift for Tour de France Fan

Yellow Jersey Signed – £200+

If you google “Signed Yellow Tour de France Jersey” you will find a variety of jerseys for sale. As a British cyclist I’m obviously interested in our champions. I found this Bradly Wiggins jersey (December 2019) on sale at £240. As a Tour fan it’d be pretty amazing to get my hands on something like this. 

Signed Yellow Jersey - Gift for Tour de France Fan

Etape du Tour – £390+

The Etape du Tour gives fans of the Tour a chance to ride a stage of the Tour de France, just a few days after the pros. This year features an epic 177km route from Nice, looping into the Alpes-Maritimes, finishing on the Promenade de Anglais. Riders will climb 3,570m across the Col de la Colmiane, the Col du Turini and finally the epic Cold'Eze.

Direct tickets to participate in the event are sold out but I can highly recommend Love Velo’s package. You get a race entry, accommodation, and some other nice bits n bobs too. 

LeLoop – £500 to £4000

The ‘Le Loop’ allows amateur cyclists all 21 stages of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the pros. Include hotels, meals, feed stops, transfers, mechanics, medics and physios… you just turn up and ride. It is a huge challenge and one I’ve yet to commit too. I want to do the full loop but need to find the finances and figure out how to get the time off work whilst keeping my family happy.. Hmm!

The full Loop sells out fast but you can usually find 3 and 7 day chunks of the Le Loop still available into Spring. Get on it. 

LeLoop - Gift for Tour de France Fan

Well that's it for our Best Gifts for Tour de France Fans. If you have any other ideas feel free to ping us an email and we will drop it in!