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Best cycling gifts for Dads 2019

Dads can be the hardest people to buy presents for; namely because you've already used up all your good present ideas. If that sounds familiar, use our Christmas gift guide for fresh ideas. I’m a Dad, and although my kids don’t buy me gifts for Xmas yet, they’re a bit young still, I am hoping that when they do I will receive some things that are on this list. Without further ado find our best cycling gifts for Dads for 2019:

Cycling gifts for Dads – Around £15

English Cyclist Christmas Gift Guide – Retro Mug

Any Dad MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra) worth his salt knows the 60s cycling scene like the back of his hand - and if he doesn't he will still appreciate this mug. Not only does it highlight one of the most awesome 60s cycling teams but also the headline name inspired the brand of Rapha.

St Raphael Helyett Hutchinson 60s Cycling Mug – £12.50 from English Cyclist



Cycling Cufflinks – English Cyclist Cyclist Christmas Gift Guide for Dads

I'm not a cufflinks wearer myself but if I was these would be the ones I would want and wear. No doubt about it these would make a great little stocking filler for cycling dad. 

Cycling Cufflinks – £9.95 on Amazon with Prime Delivery


Gorewear Cycling Socks – Great Christmas Present for Dads

It's a bit of a cliche but getting a nice pair of cycling socks for Christmas is no bad thing. I've got a few of these in my locker and they are getting used pretty regularly. I sometimes just wear them even when not cycling. That's the test of a good sock if you ask me! 

Gore Wear C3 - Midline Cycling Sock – £11


Cycling gifts for Dads – Around £30

This is one of our top selling posters and for good reason. Cyclists love the detail and they tend to love the history of the sport - especially the Tour de France which is like the World Cup of cycling events. Depending on how much the rest of the family like cycling this poster makes a great Christmas gift as it can be hung in a man cave or a living room.

Tour de France History Poster – From £25

Best British Cycling Climbs - Christmas Cycling Gift for Dads

This a great one for any English road cyclist. They get to check out a list of local climbs. Hopefully, they have done them (and recorded them on Strava) and if they haven't they can make plans to get them ticked off. 

Best British Cycling Climbs by Simon Warran – £32.50


If you have ever had the pleasure/pain of cycling up Alpe d'Huez then you know what this means. Yes it's not the hardest or longest climb in the Alps but for some reason its the one that the pro's do every year and for that reason it's always a popular one for people getting more seriously into road cycling. If your Dad has been out and done it already we can even customise it with his details at the bottom.

The Tour de France's most Iconic Climb Poster – Alpe d'Huez – From £25